London Escorts Vs. London Prostitute

28 Feb , 2019  

What is the difference between London escorts and London prostitutes? Some visitors to London are confused between the difference between cheap escorts in London and prostitutes in London. The two are very different from each other. London prostitutes offer sexual services only, and London escorts offer personal services. You will find that prostitutes in London do not work through professional agencies and you will not find them featured on any website, unlike London escorts.

The services that London escorts offer are very different. Gentlemen like to date London escorts for all sorts of reasons. Of course, there are men who like to enjoy the company of London escorts because they are sexy companions. But, you also get gentlemen who like to date London escorts for a variety of other reasons. The services provided by elite London escort agencies can’t really be compared to the services of prostitutes.

You are not very likely to catch a businessman dining out with a prostitute. When a gentleman needs a companion for a business date or something similar, he is much more likely to get in touch with an elite London escorts service. After all, you can’t really say that prostitutes in London have experience of dining out and showing men a more sophisticated time. If that is what you are looking for, you are far better off checking out some of the leading London escorts services in London.

Street prostitutes have always been a common sight in London. It is thought that prostitution in London initially sprung up in and around the London docks. These days, you are likely to find prostitutes in some inner city areas in London. A few years ago, the areas in and around a few of the main railway stations in London used to have serious problems with levels of prostitution. However, many of the girls are now gone from these areas. In fact, they have more or less been driven away.

What do London escorts think about London prostitutes? Many of the girls at cheap escorts in London feel sorry for girls who have to work as prostitutes. Girls who have been with London escorts for a long time realise that these girls are having a hard time to find another way to make a living. When you have just arrived in London, it can be hard to find a job and this is just one of the many reasons girl get involved in prostitution. How do you stop it? It is hard and it is likely that no one will ever be able to put an end to all forms of prostitution.

Many people have tried to help prostitutes in London. It is not easy to do. The girls at London escorts know that prostitutes in London and elsewhere have drug problems and many other associated social problems. How do you put a stop to it? Well, that can be hard to do, and many politicians even believe that it is more or less impossible to do because of the level of poverty in London.

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I missed out on so much love

26 Apr , 2018  

I opted to stay single during the time I worked for London escorts. Most girls did, and I will admit that it is not easy to even have a casual relationship when you work for London escorts. Men just want to be with you because you are an escort in London, and then you get those guys who think that it is hot to have girlfriend who works for a London escorts service.

I had seen so many girls end up heartbroken that I decided to refrain from serious relationships during my time with the escort agency in London. When I finally left London escorts around the age of 35, I started my own business. It did not take me a long time to meet a nice guy, but I decided not to tell him about my cheap escorts career. Sure, he was a really lovely man, but I did not want to risk losing him. I was not sure he would handle the fact that his girlfriend had worked for a cheap escorts service, so I told him that I had travelled a lot and worked in various locations around the world. After a couple of years together, my boyfriend landed the most amazing job abroad. We spent lots of time talking about what we both wanted to do in the future, and I was not sure that I wanted to live abroad. My business in London was doing really well, and I did not want to risk giving up for an uncertain future abroad.

I think that I would have felt different if my boyfriend would have asked me to marry him, but as he never, I was not prepared to up sticks and leave. London escorts had afforded me a very comfortable lifestyle. About six months after my boyfriend had left to go and work in Arizona, I realised how much I missed him. Most of my former London escorts colleagues were by now in firm relationships, and I was the only one who stood out in a crowd. I was still in touch with my boyfriend, and I wanted to visit him in Arizona to find out what was going on in his life. Perhaps we could get back together and rekindle our love affair. A couple of days later, I received an email back from my ex telling me that he was in other relationship.

I could understand why he had been snatched up by another girl so quickly. He was one of the sweetest men that I had ever met in my life, and I really felt like I had missed out on the love of my life. Sure, I still had a great social life thanks to my old friends from London escorts, but it was not the same as having real love in your life. At the moment, I am spending time with another man, but I am not sure that he is the one for me. In many ways, I am still searching for the man that I have lost.

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Are Bisexual Relationships Always Good?

13 Jun , 2017  

I am not sure bisexual relationships always work. When I come home from my shift at London escorts, I often hear the bisexual couple argue next door. They are often at each other throats, and I am not sure that they are that happy together. Any relationship can be a challenge but it seems bisexual relationships are extremely challenging. Even the bisexual girls who work for London escorts, appear to have a lot of challenges in their relationships.

When I listen to my neighbours argue, I realise bisexuals can be very jealous of each other. It can’t be easy. One person wants to stay at home and enjoy the company of the other, but the other person would like to have the chance to spend some time with another woman. This is why London escorts came up with the idea of escorts for couples. I think it is one of the best services from London escorts, and the girls who deliver the service, do know that it can be like living in a bisexual relationship.

Personally I am not bisexual , but I do understand what it must be like. I am sure that being married to a bisexual person is sometimes about letting them divide up their time between your personal needs, and the other person’s needs. Gents who date London escorts don’t very often tell their partners about their relationships with girls from London escorts, but I know that a lot of bisexual people do so. They may live in open relationships, but they are still happy to talk about their relationships with other partners. That helps a lot when you stop and think about it.

But, fighting and petty jealousy is still a common problem for many bisexuals. I am not sure if I could handle a bisexual relationship. That does not mean to say the thought of me being bisexaul have not crossed my mind. I like kiss other girls from time to time, but I do not think it means I am bisexual on a permanent basis. Sometimes when I am out with my colleagues from London escorts, I do give the girls a bit of a kiss. However that does not have to do with nature of my sexuality. It just means I feel a bit sexy and fancy a kiss.

Do bisexaul relationship last long? I have noticed many of my bisexual colleagues at escorts in London, do go through a lot of partners. Perhaps it is just the nature of the beast I guess. We all face our relationship challenge. I wish I could hang on to a boyfriend more than a couple of weeks. It seems a lot of guys in London really like the idea of dating a London escort, but when it comes down to it, having a personal relationship with one, can prove to be more than a little bit challenging. Maybe some guys like to brag they have a London escort, and I honestly think that is how far it goes when it comes to dating a London escort on a personal level. We are really good girls at heart, you know…

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Food Foreplay: The Best Kind Of Diet

4 May , 2016  

When it comes to foreplay in the bedroom, all of the kissing, licking, and nibbling that occurs during the foreplay is definitely fun and exciting. However, when you add edible ingredients to the foreplay, is a for sure way to end the evening with a large amount of hot fireworks for the couple. The best part of this entire thing is that most couple already have all of the ingredients that they would need when adding food to foreplay, right inside their very own kitchen. There are so many exciting things that they can use that make the food foreplay interesting and causing the couple to continue adding food to the fun any time they are ready for so love and action in the bedroom.

Whipped Cream

If all of us are going to be completely honest, the most that a can of whipped cream gets is whether an adult is putting it their coffee, putting in their child’s hot cocoa, or even on to pancakes and waffles. However, this fluffy and light sweetness is one of the best types of food to use in the bedroom for food sexiness. Not only are you able to make a hot little bikini on a woman to add to the excitement, but the cold and creamy cream on a warm and hot body, makes for an incredibly exciting and sexy evening for both of you to be able to enjoy that will excite plenty of gasps from both partners.


When thinking of whipped cream in a sexy way, there is a type of fruit that always comes to mind when any individual thinks of whipped cream, and that is strawberries. An exciting way to add to your fruit filled sexual pleasures, is to feed these strawberries to your lover, and then it is always fun to use your tongue to “clean up” the left over mess on your partner’s body. For an added sexual bonus, purchase some chocolate covered strawberries to add to the excitement.

Chocolate Syrup

When thinking of a hot and sexy food to add to your foreplay, you can never go wrong with chocolate. Chocolate syrup, is one of the sexiest foods to add into a sexy and spicy evening. Chocolate is considered to be a sexual food to begin with, with the pleasures of the creamy and sweet chocolate turning your mouth on when you indulge in it. A sexy move to use during sexual foreplay, is to use the chocolate as paint with a paint brush, and paint a sexy design all over your partner’s body, and then after you make your sexual masterpiece, licking all of it off is a very fun thing to do to your partner. It is also incredibly delicious as well. If you are trying to get your man’s attention, writing “lick me” or “kiss me” in certain places with the chocolate, will definitely be something that any man can say no to.

Excitement When Using Food Foreplay

It is always important to many to keep a specific routine when you are doing a daily workout, or work schedule. However, having these same basic and boring routine in the bedroom can definitely kill the exciting mood of lovemaking. Eventually, many couple realize that their sexual activities in the bedroom become boring and can kill their sex life. Adding food foreplay to the daily sexual routine can spice up your lovemaking lifestyle and create a sizzling and sexy relationship between you and your partner. Make sure to use these types of foods in a very sexually creative way, so that you and your partner are able to enjoy the aroma of the food, the excitement of using a different technique, and the arousing feels that you are feeling each other give to each other’s body while eating the food off of each other. This is a way to keep your sex life higher than ever, as well as causing it to become more active in your sex routine, and keeping you coming back for more.

In conclusion, it is important to make sure that you and your lover have a strong bond in your sexual part of your relationship. Keeping the excitement going, and adding in new things and foods to try on each other’s bodies, is a way to keep the relationship at a spicy and hot level. Continuously going after new foods to pleasure each other in an erotic way, is a way to keep you both on the same level emotionally, physically, and sexually. This way you can continue to have fun with each other, as well as pleasuring each other in a unique and sexy way.

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Sex FAQ For Newlyweds

4 May , 2016  

It can be hard for newlyweds to connect sometimes, especially if marriages happen quickly, or are because you’re religious. Many times in relationships, people feel nervous to express themselves or have a hard time meeting in the middle with their new bride or husband. In a relationship (especially when it comes to sex) it’s important to always try and make sure that your partner is as happy as possible in your relationship, especially if you’re newlyweds.

Because finding sexual happiness is so important (and can sometimes put a strain in some relationships) we’ve established a Sex FAQ for Newlyweds that compiles 5 of the most common questions that couples have when beginning a relationship:

5. How do I ask for what I want in the bedroom?

You have to forget about your inhibitions in many cases to truly be giving. Get drunk, forget about what you think someone will think about you, and let your thoughts be public with your new husband or wife. Expect that they’ll respect your fantasies and lusts, especially if you’re especially close. Don’t be afraid to branch out!

4. How can I get my partner to be honest with me about what they want in the bedroom?

It’s essential to remember that good relationships are three pronged: they rely on honesty, the ability to share, and the want to co-exist. Remind your partner that you care about their happiness.

3. Should I be more open to different sexual experiences?

Most partners find it easier to swap sexual preferences. One time, one partner gets their particular fetish while the other gets their way next time. Usually, everyone likes something special, it’s just about finding the middle ground. Conversation should always involve two parties and make concessions in the middle. With more conversation and openness, relationships are deeper and more fulfilling. As a caring and loving partner, it’s up to you to make choices that help your relationships flourish.

2. Is it hard or uncomfortable to “meet in the middle” with your spouse?

Believe it or not, it’s normal to have inhibitions about sexual activity. However, you’ll find that as your partner becomes more and more comfortable, you’ll feel better and better about what you’re doing for your lover. It stops being uncomfortable as you start seeing your partner being truly pleased, and often making these simple changes can make relationships easier and make your partners happier with you (if you’re arguing or fighting) because they can see you’re making an effort.

1. When should I draw the line, or refuse to do something my partner wants to do?

Not every sexual fantasy is realistic. While it’s normal to be interested in different things sexually, it’s also normal to not do these kinds of things if they make your partner uncomfortable (for example cuckolding or other forms of swapping spouses). It’s not fair to expect your partner to always give, especially in these types of relationships.



15 Feb , 2016  

Being intimate with each other does not seem to come easy these days, says Tanya from London escorts. Quite a few of the gents that I date as part of my London escorts service, seem to have a hard time being intimate. I call it getting up close and personal, and others call it different things. We really don’t take enough time out to get intimate with each other, and I think that is part of a problem. To get to know each other, we need to spend some serious time with each other, and that does not mean sitting in front of the TV. Let’s be honest, how often do you talk to your partner in front of the TV?

To get intimate with each other, we need to touch and feel in many various ways. I know it is not easy. Sometimes when I come home from work at London escorts, I am really tired and just want to chill out. My boyfriend is tired as well, and creating personal time is not always easy. Before I joined London escorts, I used to study Shiatsu on a part time basis and I still have my Shiatsu mat. I love to give my boyfriend massages on my Shiatsu mat, it is just so nice and relaxing.

During personal time on my Shiatsu mat, I get a chance to talk to my boyfriend, and I also get a chance to see what his body feels like. Is he tense, tired or relaxed. Believe it or not, you can feel all of these things in somebody’s body. I do the same thing at London escorts when I give a gent a sensual massage. My hands do the talking, and I find out what is really ailing them. Most of the gents who visit me at London escorts, really seem to enjoy the experience.

There are so many sensual ways that you can get to know each other. Yes, we all have intimate issues, but we can deal with them effectively by learning how we can get closer to one another. When I am at escorts in London, I really do pick up on these things. It is nice when I gent has visited me a few times, and starts to relax. It is not always easy to relax with someone because it means that you have to trust them. After a little while, I get most of my dates at escorts in London to trust me.

When I leave escorts in London, I think that I will go back to my Shiatsu training. I learned a lot from that and it is a course that I would like to finish off. It is exciting, and at the same time, I feel that I offer something back to people. I do use Shiatsu techniques when I work at London escorts, and most of my gents say that they feel really relaxed after having enjoyed a date with me. It is nice to have something special to offer.

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These 5 Tips Will Jump Start Your Sex Life

11 Aug , 2015  

Does your love life feel a bit bland? Worry not. Here’s a selection of great ways to turn that sex life right around and get it purring like a kitty.

5 Sexy Secret Moves

Smacking: If your relationship hasn’t wandered into any form of BSDM, it isn’t too late to try. There’s a fine middle ground between masks, chains and burning wax and simple, playful smacking. If you are giving it to her from behind, consider trying to plant an open-palm on your lady’s behind. If you pique her interest, you should be able to tell by her reaction.

No Hands: A fun and definitely different game that you absolutely must try on your first dry spell is a no-hands game. Start out the foreplay fully undressed and not touching. Desire to be in lovemaking without using hands until both of you are climaxed and happy.

Dress-Up: While it may be too silly for some people, it’s definitely a way to have fun, do something new and perhaps even get out of your skin. Dressing up can be as simple as wearing a mask or a Halloween costume if your creativity is feeling stuck.

Toys: Kids have fun playing with toys all day, and by that logic, perhaps adults should try to do the same. Special, sexy toys can create the effect of bringing “somebody new” into the equation, but with a far lower chance of any jealously.

Release Doubt: Sometimes what is holding back two sexual partners from feeling really comfortable and in the moment is self-doubt and judgment. Release all forms of doubt and resistance and simply feel and exist in the moment the next time you make love. The experience should be notably better!

If your love life has a lot more to offer than just moans, scratches and screams, it would be wise to put in a little effort when you and your lover are caught up in the midst of a dry spell. Love-making shouldn’t ever feel like work, but it isn’t really ever going to if you go into the bedroom with a few new ideas up your sleeve every once in awhile.

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