5 Common Causes For Divorce

15 May , 2015  

If you, or somebody you know, is in the throes of a divorce, you may have wondered what actually causes divorces. It turns out that there is a variety of possible causes, however, these five are among the most common.

Lack of Intimacy: Sometimes, the same arrangement of sticks as before doesn’t create the same fire. Perhaps the wind has changed direction or the flame isn’t as bright as it once was. Regardless of the specific details, if either or both parties to a marriage lose attraction for the other, it can spell disaster for the marriage’s prospects.

Poor Finances: Bills can crush the spirit of the individual in just the same way that it can crush the heart of a marriage. If you and your sweetie can find a few hundred more a month in earnings or savings, you might be able to set the marriage on a straight path back towards harmony.

Infidelity: We have to add this cause for divorce to our list if only to address that it is not even close to being one of the leading causes of divorce. Infidelity does happen — and it happens on both sides of the bed. However, it isn’t in every relationship and it isn’t even one of the top causes of divorce.

Trust: More common than actual infidelity are issues of trust. Jealousy and trust are opposite sides of the same coin and if jealousy is had, trust is not.

Poor Connection: Sometimes, there’s no infidelity, the trust is great and the intimacy is perfect — yet, something remains missing. The usual culprit is the simple bond that exists often between great friends. If you don’t genuinely love who that person is and what makes them who they are, then it could be foreshadowing for where the marriage might go.

Many people would commonly expect that cheating is one of the most common causes of a marriage ending in divorce. Frankly, that just isn’t the case. It makes our list simply to highlight this fact and to also portray the honesty of infidelity happening on occasion. Generally speaking, it is more about the connections between the partners in the marriage. Are you both being communicative, vocal and open to hearing other perspectives? Patience and perspective are two great mantras to have in mind when endeavoring to work on a relationship. However, at the same time, if you feel like you’re in over your head, there’s never any shame in quitting a game you can’t see yourself ever winning.

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