Sex FAQ For Newlyweds

4 May , 2016  

It can be hard for newlyweds to connect sometimes, especially if marriages happen quickly, or are because you’re religious. Many times in relationships, people feel nervous to express themselves or have a hard time meeting in the middle with their new bride or husband. In a relationship (especially when it comes to sex) it’s important to always try and make sure that your partner is as happy as possible in your relationship, especially if you’re newlyweds.

Because finding sexual happiness is so important (and can sometimes put a strain in some relationships) we’ve established a Sex FAQ for Newlyweds that compiles 5 of the most common questions that couples have when beginning a relationship:

5. How do I ask for what I want in the bedroom?

You have to forget about your inhibitions in many cases to truly be giving. Get drunk, forget about what you think someone will think about you, and let your thoughts be public with your new husband or wife. Expect that they’ll respect your fantasies and lusts, especially if you’re especially close. Don’t be afraid to branch out!

4. How can I get my partner to be honest with me about what they want in the bedroom?

It’s essential to remember that good relationships are three pronged: they rely on honesty, the ability to share, and the want to co-exist. Remind your partner that you care about their happiness.

3. Should I be more open to different sexual experiences?

Most partners find it easier to swap sexual preferences. One time, one partner gets their particular fetish while the other gets their way next time. Usually, everyone likes something special, it’s just about finding the middle ground. Conversation should always involve two parties and make concessions in the middle. With more conversation and openness, relationships are deeper and more fulfilling. As a caring and loving partner, it’s up to you to make choices that help your relationships flourish.

2. Is it hard or uncomfortable to “meet in the middle” with your spouse?

Believe it or not, it’s normal to have inhibitions about sexual activity. However, you’ll find that as your partner becomes more and more comfortable, you’ll feel better and better about what you’re doing for your lover. It stops being uncomfortable as you start seeing your partner being truly pleased, and often making these simple changes can make relationships easier and make your partners happier with you (if you’re arguing or fighting) because they can see you’re making an effort.

1. When should I draw the line, or refuse to do something my partner wants to do?

Not every sexual fantasy is realistic. While it’s normal to be interested in different things sexually, it’s also normal to not do these kinds of things if they make your partner uncomfortable (for example cuckolding or other forms of swapping spouses). It’s not fair to expect your partner to always give, especially in these types of relationships.

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