A Few Easy Steps For Attracting A Partner

5 Feb , 2016  

So you’re still living the single life while it seems like all your friends are joining the couples club, and you’d like to join them too but just aren’t sure how you to go about attracting a soul mate. Well you don’t need to cave into peer pressure, and you don’t need to make any big changes to your life to talk to the right person. There’s just a few basic things you can do that will attract anyone you wish to talk to, whether you’re meeting them through an online dating service or just happen to bump into them in a coffee shop or club.

Clean Appearance

The first thing you should do is make sure you are clean and use good hygiene, because one of the biggest turn-offs to meeting anyone is a bad smell from not showering, or bad breath. Take the time to shower and use deodorant. If you’re a man and you have a beard, you should shave it or trim it to look attractive. If you’re a lady, you’re probably a little more conscientious about your looks, and you don’t need to get the latest, hottest Maybelline products to blow a man away, but take a little time to do your hair or clean your face just enough to be presentable. And it doesn’t take fancy clothes to be attractive, just something on the nicer end of casual, unless of course you have a stylish faded jeans preference that might bring out your inner country self, if that’s your niche.

A Normal Ice Breaker

When you find someone to talk to, don’t try a cheesy pick-up line out of a book or magazine, just say something normal like “Hi, how are you doing?” You don’t have to introduce your name right away, but maybe ask them if they are enjoying the atmosphere of the place you’re in, or how their day has been going. Just keep it authentic for starters so that you can engage in a real conversation with them, and let it flow from there.

Confidence Is Key

The most important thing of all is just confidence. As the two of you start discussing what it is you do, whether it’s your job, or your favorite recreational activity, be confident in what you’re talking about. Don’t exaggerate or attempt to overly sugarcoat your life or job salary, but come across as happy about it, while at the same time being honest about it. A man or a woman who is confident in themselves and happy and smiling, is always going to be very attractive to the other person.

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