Solving The 7 Most Common Intimacy Problems

3 Oct , 2015  

A bump in the road doesn’t have to send the whole van into the ditch. Let’s consider the possibility of a relationship sent into turmoil by a challenged romantic experience being had by either one of both of the partners. After having a look at some of the most common types of intimacy problems couples tend to experience, you’ll be more prepared to avoid such issues in your own love life.

1. Lack of Initial Interest: Sometimes relationships start out of convenience and one day you both feel like different people entirely. If you lack that memory of sexual spark or it was never there, it can spell disaster for you in bed. Try spicing it up or going for a short break. This can be a way to prevent a full break up.

2. Sexual Dysfunction: If either partner is prevented from being themselves fully or fully enjoying their experience as a result of a medical or psychological sexual dysfunction, there are thankfully a plethora of treatments available to address such problems. Make an appointment with your regular doctor to begin discussing these issues.

3. Infidelity: Whether it was a one-time mistake or a regular habit, a cheating partner can wreck the love life at home. If one of you is “getting your kicks” on your own time, what is the likelihood that you and your partner will be in the mood at the same time? Furthermore, the guilt of knowing that you are cheating can be enough to crush a relationship from an intimacy perspective, even if the infidelity is never found out.

4. Body Changes: People change shape over time and also age as well. This can be a positive, neutral or sometimes negative contributor to the enjoyability of your sexual experiences with your partner. Being mindful of how your body is changing and trying to make yourself as sexy and attractive to your partner as possible, over time, is the best approach to long-term sexual health.

5. Boredom: Over long periods of time, routine can set in, thus killing any degree of excitement or spontaneity that may have once existed in your relationship. the way to combat this boredom from creeping in is to always be communicating in the bedroom and discussing new things or new ways of doing the same thing. Variety is the spice of life, so use variety to keep from getting bored.

6. Lack of Exploration: The other side of the boredom coin, a lack of exploration can mean not trying new positions or not trying to things like dress up or toys. Often you don’t know you’re bored until you start catching yourself acting boring. Don’t be a lump on the log.

7. Monotonous Setting: Switch up the location of love making and see it get more exciting immediately. The new sights, sounds and materials around your bodies during the primal deed will help set different and unique moods, guaranteed to keep your love life exciting and fun.

Sometimes the problem isn’t going away but nothing new is being done to address what is wrong. It’s actually very often quite difficult for a couple to not even know what is wrong. Referencing the above list and then reading the available solutions to each particular problem, should be a great start, if not all a couple needs to get out of the ditch of low intimacy.

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These 5 Tips Will Jump Start Your Sex Life

11 Aug , 2015  

Does your love life feel a bit bland? Worry not. Here’s a selection of great ways to turn that sex life right around and get it purring like a kitty.

5 Sexy Secret Moves

Smacking: If your relationship hasn’t wandered into any form of BSDM, it isn’t too late to try. There’s a fine middle ground between masks, chains and burning wax and simple, playful smacking. If you are giving it to her from behind, consider trying to plant an open-palm on your lady’s behind. If you pique her interest, you should be able to tell by her reaction.

No Hands: A fun and definitely different game that you absolutely must try on your first dry spell is a no-hands game. Start out the foreplay fully undressed and not touching. Desire to be in lovemaking without using hands until both of you are climaxed and happy.

Dress-Up: While it may be too silly for some people, it’s definitely a way to have fun, do something new and perhaps even get out of your skin. Dressing up can be as simple as wearing a mask or a Halloween costume if your creativity is feeling stuck.

Toys: Kids have fun playing with toys all day, and by that logic, perhaps adults should try to do the same. Special, sexy toys can create the effect of bringing “somebody new” into the equation, but with a far lower chance of any jealously.

Release Doubt: Sometimes what is holding back two sexual partners from feeling really comfortable and in the moment is self-doubt and judgment. Release all forms of doubt and resistance and simply feel and exist in the moment the next time you make love. The experience should be notably better!

If your love life has a lot more to offer than just moans, scratches and screams, it would be wise to put in a little effort when you and your lover are caught up in the midst of a dry spell. Love-making shouldn’t ever feel like work, but it isn’t really ever going to if you go into the bedroom with a few new ideas up your sleeve every once in awhile.

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