Food Foreplay: The Best Kind Of Diet

4 May , 2016  

When it comes to foreplay in the bedroom, all of the kissing, licking, and nibbling that occurs during the foreplay is definitely fun and exciting. However, when you add edible ingredients to the foreplay, is a for sure way to end the evening with a large amount of hot fireworks for the couple. The best part of this entire thing is that most couple already have all of the ingredients that they would need when adding food to foreplay, right inside their very own kitchen. There are so many exciting things that they can use that make the food foreplay interesting and causing the couple to continue adding food to the fun any time they are ready for so love and action in the bedroom.

Whipped Cream

If all of us are going to be completely honest, the most that a can of whipped cream gets is whether an adult is putting it their coffee, putting in their child’s hot cocoa, or even on to pancakes and waffles. However, this fluffy and light sweetness is one of the best types of food to use in the bedroom for food sexiness. Not only are you able to make a hot little bikini on a woman to add to the excitement, but the cold and creamy cream on a warm and hot body, makes for an incredibly exciting and sexy evening for both of you to be able to enjoy that will excite plenty of gasps from both partners.


When thinking of whipped cream in a sexy way, there is a type of fruit that always comes to mind when any individual thinks of whipped cream, and that is strawberries. An exciting way to add to your fruit filled sexual pleasures, is to feed these strawberries to your lover, and then it is always fun to use your tongue to “clean up” the left over mess on your partner’s body. For an added sexual bonus, purchase some chocolate covered strawberries to add to the excitement.

Chocolate Syrup

When thinking of a hot and sexy food to add to your foreplay, you can never go wrong with chocolate. Chocolate syrup, is one of the sexiest foods to add into a sexy and spicy evening. Chocolate is considered to be a sexual food to begin with, with the pleasures of the creamy and sweet chocolate turning your mouth on when you indulge in it. A sexy move to use during sexual foreplay, is to use the chocolate as paint with a paint brush, and paint a sexy design all over your partner’s body, and then after you make your sexual masterpiece, licking all of it off is a very fun thing to do to your partner. It is also incredibly delicious as well. If you are trying to get your man’s attention, writing “lick me” or “kiss me” in certain places with the chocolate, will definitely be something that any man can say no to.

Excitement When Using Food Foreplay

It is always important to many to keep a specific routine when you are doing a daily workout, or work schedule. However, having these same basic and boring routine in the bedroom can definitely kill the exciting mood of lovemaking. Eventually, many couple realize that their sexual activities in the bedroom become boring and can kill their sex life. Adding food foreplay to the daily sexual routine can spice up your lovemaking lifestyle and create a sizzling and sexy relationship between you and your partner. Make sure to use these types of foods in a very sexually creative way, so that you and your partner are able to enjoy the aroma of the food, the excitement of using a different technique, and the arousing feels that you are feeling each other give to each other’s body while eating the food off of each other. This is a way to keep your sex life higher than ever, as well as causing it to become more active in your sex routine, and keeping you coming back for more.

In conclusion, it is important to make sure that you and your lover have a strong bond in your sexual part of your relationship. Keeping the excitement going, and adding in new things and foods to try on each other’s bodies, is a way to keep the relationship at a spicy and hot level. Continuously going after new foods to pleasure each other in an erotic way, is a way to keep you both on the same level emotionally, physically, and sexually. This way you can continue to have fun with each other, as well as pleasuring each other in a unique and sexy way.

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